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Are you an intercessor? An intercessor is one who intervenes on behalf of another, especially through prayer. According to Dr. Julie Hitchens (Spiritual Warfare), you might be an intercessor if…


  • There’s a constant pull on you to pray.

  • You have a deep concern for others who are living outside of God’s will.

  • You have a deep concern for certain regions and areas.

  • You have compassion to the point of tears for others who may not even be connected to you.

  • You get lost in prayer.

  • You have an inward assurance that your prayers will be answered.

  • You consider it a privilege to pray for others.

  • You sometimes experience emotional or physical pain when praying for others.

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  • Provide prayer covering for AH leaders, members, and the community

  • Pray consistently over prayer requests placed on the prayer wall

  • Minister to others during altar calls

  • Intercede during worship services

  • Pray over emailed prayer requests (

  • Train intercessors and altar workers

  • Provide a monthly prayer calendar with specific targets—local, national, and international issues

  • Fast regularly with specific areas of focus

       Coming: 24-hour prayer network

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